SE*AVIVAZ – Gemstone Litter

The Gemstone Litter – BIS 2022

AVIVAZ Litter 7 – 6 kittens were born on January 1st 2022.

I was planning this litter by Saga and Boo Boo. But the road to it has it’s own story. I was given the opportunity from Beata Pontén to use Miso (SE*Dear Johns James MacTavish). So, I decided that Boo Boo must wait. He did not agree with me, and made sure Saga was pregnant before meeting with Miso.

Such a smart cat he is my beloved Boo Boo, and what a lovely litter he has fathered.


Parents are PK Def Neg, GSD-4 Normal, and HCM-tested Normal


S*Ayamara’s Saga
Black with white blotched tabby (n 09 22)

GIC SE*Avivaz Boo Boo DVM
Black smoke (ns)