SE*AVIVAZ – The Troll Litter

This is an exciting combination with Doris and Lisselback’s Feroz. He is a calm, friendly, promising young male with fine qualities and with many beautiful and fine cats in his pedigree. He was a very simple choice of partner for Doris. Thank you Katri and Patrik Halemark from SE * Duvesjön’s for letting me use Feroz as Doris first partner! It will be so exciting to see what will become of the combination that will be the first for both Doris and Feroz.

The kittens were born on November 26, 2018.


IC DK*Sakeena’s Le Fabuleux Amélie aka ”Doris” | blue-white (n 09)

IC SE*Lisselbacks Feroz | black smoke (ns)

Vittra / female / ns 09 / sold

12 weeks


Lakritstrollet / male / ns 09 / sold


Mymlan / female / ns 09 / sold

Lilla My

 Lilla My / female / ns 09 / sold


Truls / male / ns 09 / sold