AVIVAZ has plans for…

CH SE*Prana’s Bonnie
black tortie (f)


SW’22 CH S*Tigerögas grape Assario
black silver tabby-bicolour (ns 03 22)

Bonnie and Assario!

We are hoping attraction will happen between these two beautiful cats during the spring of 2023. If so, it will be Bonnie’s third litter. And she has given us great kittens before, e.g. SE*Avivaz Hobbit Bingo Baggins JW. Assario is relatively new as a stud, and his young kittens are looking very promising. Assario’s kittens are always agouti, and it seems he will always pass on the white patterning. Silver will be 50/50 chance.

Stay tuned and you will soon know the outcome!