The foundation of my small cattery consists of the two wonderful queens, Iris (DK * Dan-Queen Iris) and Doris (DK * Sakeena’s Le Fabuleux Amélie).  They were both born in Denmark.

Iris is the calm, relaxed country girl from North Jutland and Doris is the witty city girl from Copenhagen. Before Doris moved in, Iris would never dream of jumping up on the dining table or the kitchen counter. But when Doris moved in, the house had to be explored again and Doris was quick to figure out that cats on the dining table was not liked by the two-legged servants she was now living with.  Doris would get up on the table and lure Iris to do the same. When Doris heard someone approaching the room, she would be off the table at the speed out the light, leaving Iris sitting on the table wondering what was going on and taking the blame for the whole incident.

As different as these two girls are, they are just as good, dear friends.

Of all the beautiful, lovely boys in Iris’ first litter – the Ghost Litter, Boo Boo stayed in the cattery. He is a gorgeous cat and it was love at first sight. I have a passion for Black Smoke and although Boo Boo’s silver didn’t show up until he was five weeks old, he stole my heart the moment I first laid my eyes on him.

Boo Boo has so many great qualities. He is a sturdy, muscular and cool Forest Cat. His temperament is extraordinary and he has admirable substance and length in his body. He weighed 7,300 grams when he was only 10.5 months! His profile is completely straight and the triangle in his head close to perfect. I could only wish for one size bigger ears, a little more length and height in the head and a crisper silver contrast. But since his mother has one of the finest silver contrasts I have seen on a black smoke, I hope that Boo Boo’s silver still has the chance to develop a little bit more in that direction.

Bonnie is, of course, the sister of Clyde, and she robbed me from all my resistance against torties. I never thought I would be the owner of a tortie. But I fell absolutely in love with this precious girl.  She has everything that I was looking for when I went searching for a new queen. There is basically nothing that I would like to change or improve on at the moment.

Bonnie is a black tortie from Prana’s and Susanne Mårtensson. I am so happy and grateful for her letting this wonderful kitten be mine.

Welcome to Avivaz my treasure!