Avivaz and the Norwegian Forest Cat

Welcome to my Cattery Avivaz! My name is Anna Berglund and I’ve been “serving cats” for the major part of my life. My very first cat of my own was a beautiful black and white, longhaired house cat. He was first named Mimmi, until we found out he was a he, and we renamed him Mozart. In the 1980s when I left my parents’ house, I was fortunate to get my first pedigree cats, three wonderful Persians; a blue Colorpoint, a Chinchilla and a black bicolor. Then my life took a turn, which led me to take a break from cats for some years until several house cats came into my life again. Me and my family had several litters with both longhaired and shorthaired house cats.

There is one cat who will always have a special place in my heart–a black smoke, longhaired house cat Smokey. He had a lot of Norwegian Forest Cat in him and he was an adorable individual. He was my inspiration when I later was looking for a pedigree cat to be involved in.

When my old house cat, KurriKurr, turned 16 and began to show signs of age, I decided to get a pedigree cat again. I did not want find myself catless. I also longed for having kittens in the house again – that is absolutely precious!

Having known Smokey, it was easy to decide that the Norwegian Forest Cat was the breed for me. The Norwegian Forest Cat dates back to the Viking Age. The natural adaptation to the harsh conditions in Norwegian nature created an agile, large and muscular cat. It has a long body and the hind legs are higher than the front legs. It is known to be a very good tree climber. One of its characteristics is climbing down trees head first, facing the ground. Most cats prefer to back down the trunk.

The head of the Norwegian Forest Cat is triangular and the profile is straight. It has an absolutely fantastic and easy-to-care coat and comes in all sorts of colors (except point coloration, like the Siamese). It has the expression of a wildcat, with its oval, slightly oblique eyes and a long, beautiful, bushy tail.

The Forest Cat is a happy, intelligent and social cat. It usually enjoys the company of other cats, children and animals. In other words, an excellent family cat! It is talkative, without being overly loud. A real buddy and a healthy and social cat – qualities important to cherish and protect.

My ambition with the Avivaz cattery is to breed high quality cats, in terms of temperament, health, breed type and size. I have, as you probably already figured out, a special passion for solid forest cats in general and smoke cats in particular. Therefore, you will most likely be able to find such cats coming from Avivaz.