Assario’s Show Results

Show Date Judge Class Result
SK, Upplands Väsby – B 2023-03-11 Aliosha Romero 07 CACIB
SK, Upplands Väsby – A 2023-03-11 Caroline Stoa 07 CACIB
NERK, Örebro 2023-02-26 Helene Lis 09 CACIB, 🎖️Best In Variety,🏅 Nominated to panel
NERK, Örebro 2023-02-25 Mats Stark 09 CAC – Champion
Fräset, Rasbo-Uppsala 2023-01-08 Malin Sundqvist 09 CAC
Fräset, Rasbo-Uppsala 2023-01-07 Sirpa Lindelöf 09 CAC, 🏅Nominated (1 vote in panel)
TopCat, Södertälje 2022-08-21 Bjarne Wikström 11 Ex1, BIV, NOM – Best In Show
TopCat, Södertälje 2022-08-20 Lena Björkander 11 Ex1
WEBk@atten, Lillehammer 2022-07-31 Michael Edström 11 Ex1, Nominated for panel (1 vote)
WEBk@atten, Lillehammer 2022-07-30 Steven Jones 11 Ex1
UK, Uppsala 2022-07-15 Miroslaw Skotarczyk 11 Ex1, Best In Variety
UK, Uppsala 2022-07-15 Yan Roca-Folch 11 Ex1
SUK, Sundsvall 2022-06-19 Marie Westerlund 11 Ex1, Best In VarietyNominated for panel (2 votes)
SUK, Sundsvall 2022-06-18 Mats Askett 11 Ex2
GEK, Gävle 2022-06-05 Steven Jones 11 Ex2
GEK, Gävle 2022-06-04 Sirpa Lindelöf 11 Ex2
BJK, Umeå 2022-05-15 Michael Edström 12 Ex1, Best In VarietyNominated for panel (1 vote)
BJK, Umeå 2022-05-14 Annika Berner 12 Ex1, Best In VarietyNominated for panel (2 votes)
VK, Västerås 2022-05-07 Glenn Sjöbom 12 Ex1, BIV, NOM (3 votes in panel)
Scandinavian Winner Show i Tammerfors, Finland 2022-04-16–17 Annette Sjödin 12 Ex1, BIV, NOM, BIS – SW’22

OUR SILVER BOY fulfilled our highest wishes at the Scandinavian Winner Show in Tampere, Finland on April 16-17, 2022. He became BIV, NOM and Best in Show. So our beloved, cuddly kitten can now title himself SW’22. Assario is co-owned with Ann-Louise Rylander – S * Florinella’s

It is magical to have such a start in a cat’s show career. We are so proud and happy! It is however not possible to achieve without the genuine breeding by those build up his pedigree. We are simply harvesting the fruits of many years of their breeding work.

We are immensely grateful to Assario’s breeder Johanna Jotta Grebner. Many thanks Jotta for trusting us with this silver treasure.

S*Tigerögas grape Assario
Best in Show
TopCat, Södertälje 2022