AVIVAZ welcomes five kittens – the third litter of the year on April 21

SE*Avivaz Nova
Black with white mackerel tabby (n 09 23)

SE*Avivaz Laavloe
Black with white mackerel tabby (n 09 23)

Nova och Laavloe!

Dessa vackra ungdomar fick sin första kull den 21 april. Fem fina kattungar blev det. Med två så snygga och gosiga katter känns det jättespännande att få se hur de utvecklas. Det här är också den första kullen där AVIVAZ fött upp både mamma och pappa.

Välkomna att följa dem på kullsidan nedan.


AVIVAZ is expecting a new litter at the end of January!

Bonnie and Boo Boo!

The ‘married’ couple here at home in the house will now have their love babies.
It is a combo that will be so interesting and was planned two years ago. It will be a litter with solid and smoky – exciting.


SE*Prana’s Bonnie
Black tortie (f)

CH SE*Avivaz Boo Boo
Black smoke (ns)

AVIVAZ welcomes six kittens – the first litter of the year on January 1

On New Year’s Day we received the most precious gifts! 6 beautiful gemstones arrived. Mom is our gorgeous S*Ayamara’s Saga and father the magical SE*Dear Johns James MacTavish.
This is such an exciting litter. However, very difficult to identify the correct colors since some of the are amber. The game will be to figure out who. Colors are therefore subject to change these coming weeks.
Thank you, my friend Beata Pontén at Dear Johns! This unique match would not have been possible without you.


S*Ayamara’s Saga
Svarttabby-vit (n 09 22)

SE*Dear Johns James MacTavish
Light amber (at)


Six new kittens born on May 5 th 2021!

SE*Avivaz Fenja and S*Utblicken’s Uppercut have got their kittens
on 5 May 2021!

What an exciting litter!
Beautiful Fenja is the daughter of our Iris and the magical SC SE*Lisselbacks Giovanni, JW. Uppercut is of first class pedigree and we are so happy and grateful for this combination.

With such fine parents, it’s nothing less than a litter of stars!

BIG thanks to Barbro Åberg at Rockringen’s who made this possible!


SE*Avivaz Fenja
Black silver with white spotted tabby (ns 09 24)

S*Rockringen’s Uppercut
Black mackerel tabby bicolour (n 03 23)


AVIVAZ welcomes three new kittens on 29 March 2021!

SE*Prana’s Bonnie and S*Utblicken’s Caztor have got their kittens
on 29 March 2021.

Such an exciting combination!

Caztor is a tall young man with a wonderful profile, powerful chin and a fantastic temperament. Since his father is Avivaz Casper, he is then also the grandson of our lovely Iris.

Many thanks to Ann-Louise Rylander who made this match possible! This will be the first litter for both Bonnie and Caztor and of course the HCM-scanned ua, PKDef and GSD-IV are free.


SE*Prana’s Bonnie
Black tortie (f)

S*Utblicken’s Caztor
Black spotted tabby with white (n 09 24)