Boo Boo – our Giant

Of all the beautiful males that Iris had in her first litter – The Ghost Litter, it was obvious that Boo Boo would be staying in the cattery.  I think he is absolutely amazing! He is a big and sturdy Forest Cat, just as they should be. He has an outstanding temperament and also on top of that he is a Black Smoke. I just could not resist him.

Boo Boo has so many great qualities. He is a sturdy, cool and loving forest cat. His temperament is extraordinary. He is one of the coolest cats I’ve ever had.  It seems he is not afraid anything. I’d like to describe him as soft and firm at the same time, a real best buddy.

He has a body frame and length to be admired. He weighed an impressive 7,300 grams when he was only 10.5 months! Then he became fertile the weight settled but it will be exciting to see what he´s finally weight will be.  Technically, he has a completely straight profile and the triangle in his is close to perfect.  I would wish for one size bigger ears, a little more length and height in the head and a crisper silver contrast. But since his mother has one of the finest silver contrasts I have seen on a black smoke, I hope Boo Boo’s silver still has the chance to develop a little more in that direction.

Black smoke is my favorite color on cats, but it is not the one that best pays off at the shows, unfortunately. Nevertheless, Boo Boo has been successful at shows. He earned his Champion title two weeks before he turned one year old.  In 2019 he took 5 number of BIVs and was nominated for panel 4 times. He won the Cat of the Year award for category 2 in our cat club MSK, and SVERAK Cat of the Year BIV NFO group 7.  I’m soo proud of him!

I usually say that if I had been able to buy Boo Boo when I was looking for my first Forest Cat, then maybe I would not have started a cattery at all. However, I am so happy that did I start the Avivaz cattery and that I got such a beautiful and long-awaited black smoke in the very first litter.