Posh Bonnie

I had no intention of looking for a tortie when I in the spring of 2019 started to look for a new queen for my cattery. Honestly, I didn’t really appreciate the mixed colors of a tortie. But hey, one can always reevaluate one’s opinion. Aside the color of the cat, this time I had a clearer picture of what kind of queen I was looking for.  And when pictures appeared of Bonnie 2 weeks old, I did not hesitate to get in touch with her breeder Susanne Mårtensson at Prana’s. When Bonnie was 6 weeks, I took a trip down to the south of Sweden and the decision was easy, I was hopelessly in love!

Thank you, Susanne, for trusting me with such a precious cat and giving me the privilege to become her servant.

Bonnie is a cat with a strong and delightful personality. We call her our Jet Motor because she has a loud purr, and she is known hiss at the other cats when she wants it her way  – just the typical tortie I understand.  She is a tough girl with a big, sweet heart. She is still young, but incredibly promising in all her techniques, and a charming girl in every way. Just very unfortunate that no cat shows take place during her youth. I have high hopes for this lovely girl and I have grown to love her black tortie color.  Amazing how one’s opinion just turns around like that.